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Constructing the Community of Human Destiny, Guangrong will always be there —— Always use environmentally friendly PP raw materials, always adhere to the "garbage" classification
In life, we often hear similar words: "Where is my game machine?" I saw it in XXX yesterday, "How did my game handle get crushed?" Didn't I put it on the table? Or "Where's my game card?" Didn't I put it in the cupboard? Fundamentally, these situations are all caused by "no acceptance". So, let our electronic products be well received, well protected!
With professional design and processing technology, strong production force
We have many years of experience in development, design, production and sales. The factory covers an area of ​​3,000 square meters and employs nearly 100 people. . With a complete and scientific quality management system, the production speed is fast, the delivery time is accurate, and the quality is good.
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